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My name is László Gémesi. I was born in Budapest Hungary 1956. My parents were of simple and humble origin. My father a simple factory worker, and my mother an office secretary. I have a brot- her who is two years older than me. Early in my grammerchool years I tried different kind of sports, but gymnastics became my main interest. After high scool I appleid for addmition at the Hungarian University of Physical Education. I failed. This was the first major adversity and turning point in my life. I turned to music as reconsilication. I learned the recorder along with friend of mine and we played for plesure. He decided to learn toplay the guitar, that sparked my intzerest, and this led to a bet. Who will learn to play, and sing tree songs by the end of the summer brake? The bet was a six Pack. Though we both learned the tree songs, he was better. I lost. He drank the beer. But I repla- ced sport with the guitar for good. Later we both started to work at same place, where we formed a band with another young guy. A year passed and I went to work at anoder place. Distance made practice hard for the band. This time joined two girls to our band as vocalist. Later two other sang with us. Popular South American folk and political songs were also on our prodrams. The we sang in Spanish. We won several awards and started to be know as a group. This time I met and old scoolmate of mine who saw me with the guitar. After a short conversation he invited me to groups practice. They played North American country songs. One particular song was so interesting that I learned it after one hearing. Few weeks later we got together again and than the four of us played the same song with great satisfaction. This style of misic expressed my feelings the best. I realized that this was my kind of music. I sad good bye to my first band thad was at the verge of breaking up. I kept on with learning new song and visited many clubs where they played country music. I longed To see my friend there too but, he turned to other things. At one of the clubs I met two younger guys and we formed a band called”Mikrofolk Trio”, with three guiters , and latter a banjo and konga. A year latter I risked to invest into a more expensive guitar. We played together until I had to stert my military service. In the next two years, the noise of the supersonic fighter planes took a toll on my hearing, and I lost my perfect pich. In spite of this I played with two different groups there, and won several awards. In 1980, there were new changes in my life. My father passed away. Also this was the year when I got to know my uncle on my mothers side who lived in Canada at thet time. He lovedmusic and wanted to further my carrier. His support formed in such way that I never expected. He sent me a twelve string guitar, that I named „Woodstok Festival”. This is still my instrument. Af-ter my military dicharge, I looked up the „Mikrofolk Trio” but even after several different changes we could not make it go. I looked for other way to play my music and went back to the old clubs, where I met a few guy who played bluegrass styll, and we formed a band called „Western Boys”. This too lived a short life. I vowed to keep going on. In 1989 I passed a professional misical exam, a took up the stage name, „Leslie Mcklasky”. I played in group, „Westernpanorama” for a short while, than a former „Mikrofolk Trio” member and I started the „Pat. Co. Duo. This was the start of the Santa Claus children programs that lasted troughout the Christmas Season. We played for a few years, than the need for such entertainment started to fade. Shortly after I got a contract at the „Vadnyugat Stake House” my country music was well received. „Country Festival” folowed this ad- venture, and than the group „ Hawk Junction” formed vith Csaba Magdo guitar, and Attiola Varga fiddle and mandolin and me on guitar. Latter András Tóth bluegrass guitar, and David Tar bassgui- tar joined our band. Again practice, and timming was an issue, and we latter split. Thus we changed our formation and name, „Leslie Mcklasky and friends” a trio that successfully entered the next „Country festival”. Seven moths latter, with the hope of better income to support my family I give up a pleasant musical atmosphere to work outside of Hungary, with the band „Rat Boys”. The name fit the band. They behaved like that, and after seven months I left them. I was free at last. In a country club I met a girl who played on five string banjo. Adrien Body her stage name Ata Cédrus. With her and Attila Warga we started again. That was the „Country Honk”. Praktice and many performences foloowed. For a good year we had a base player too, Ádám Pálvölgyi. We finally made our first CD. Than split street again. Alone again exept now there was no hope to perform ether. One day the leader of the „Rat Boys” Gábor Németh called. Wanted to know if I would like to play in íkaltenberg Germany. After talking over some details, and doscuss it with my family I said yes. Three day before our date I took to the strets of Wienna to make enough money for the trip. Kaltenberg was so diffe- Rent. Everything was so new and exiting. If I could only speak German! I sighed. We stayed there for awhile, and on those days when we did not perform somewhere I wisited Munich, Augsburg, and Played on the street. This new situation made me think a lot abaut my future. I did not want to ex- Change my talent and knowledge to peanuts, and here I liked what I made. With my German experi- Ence I showed up in Wienna again. Here I also played at apub called Nashwille. It was success. It has been three years sience I started here, and the people like what play. I left it was time to reward those who supportrd my effort over the years. This CD is a gift for them. Thank you so much for your Kind words and all your encouragement and even some monetary support. On September 24. 2003. My solo CD was born, with 22 songs. Many tanks to Zoltán Schmidt technikal engineer for his pati- Ence, his tremendous help, technikal skill, and the friendly atmosphere, to conquer this difficoult task.

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